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Wednesday July 28th’s Edition
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Biden: Masks on Jabbed AND Mandates of Trump Shots for Federal Workers.

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2:56 How does a vaccine get approved? NEVER like the Trump Shots. “Expert” video explains the process & the FDA’s own rules which aren’t being followed.

9:18 “Show Me the Money!”: Who’s Paying These Pharma Politicians & Press? Cuomo teases FORCED vaccinations, not just coerced — because he CARES so much. Our rallying cry needs to reflect the bought-and-paid-for shills of #BigPharma.

33:38 Cuomo: “Knock on doors, put them in cars, take them to be vaccinated” — out of “love” of course. His mask & vaccine protect you just like his seat belt and motorcycle helmet protect you.

44:03 Disney chose Joyless Behar & other talentless hacks to push their “View” that unvaccinated people need “threats” and punishment because “bribes” aren’t working. She says she has a “right to health” that’s being destroyed by unvaccinated, not by her vaccine.

1:03:12 TN GOP, after taking heat for stopping minors being vaxxed without parental consent, now embrace all the Pharma talking points. (and delta variant)

1:10:48 NYT wants George W Bush to be global vaccine envoy. It’s a club.

1:33:27 Listen as London show & caller label young people “lazy” b/c only 1% kept their coerced vax appointment. No, they’re understandably cautious.

1:39:20 EU Document to Train Censors on Shutting Down Humor. They’re like robots trying to understand emotion. Humorless tyrants just don’t “get” ridicule and struggle to explain it to their “practioners” (censors in training). And it’s hilarious. Rowan Atkinson understands cancel culture is a “medieval mob looking for someone to burn”.

2:08:34 CDC’s new & ridiculous mask guidance. New, contradictory “science” from “experts”. Bow & obey. Vaccine pushers at FOX hawking their corporate sponsors’ products are not happy and question the illogical advice.

2:20:43 Headline News: Snopes tries a CYA on Biden’s “Butt Wipe” comment; military’s own simulations show they can’t win a war as Biden fills top Pentagon slots with LGBT; Tesla autopilot can’t distinguish moon from a caution light.

2:42:54 Listener letters: question about homeschooling curriculum, hospital vaccine mandates.

2:55:15 Jan6 inquisition begins with weeping Kinzinger & crying cops.

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