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Politicians Are Desperately Escalating; Now Is The Time To Push Back.

Friday August 6th’s Edition [2:50:31]

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9:14 Breathalyzer Mandates for EVERY New Car. “Infrastructure” Bill is a war on travel and private cars (making them too expensive to afford).

15:52 Trump attacks Rand Paul to gloat after his endorsed wins over Rand’s endorsed candidate.  But it was just 10 days ago that a Trump candidate went down in flames.

22:10 Listeners’ Ask Me Anything questions

2:44:29 Rand Paul: RESIST NOW!  Hard-hitting op-ed is exactly what America must do now

2:49:21  FAA is still finding new safety issues with Boeing 737 Max.

2:50:55 Fauci fast-tracked a deadly drug for his friends.  It’s not just gain of function, it’s FINANCIAL gain

3:01:04 Sidney, Australia — Medical kidnapping and blackmail of a city of 5 MILLION: 2.5 million of you get the vaccine or you will all remain under house arrest

3:01:55 Cruise lines vs Sturgis — lockdown, vaccination paranoia vs liberty

3:04:40 Sixth richest woman in the world, who owns TWO private jets, owns the publication demanding that NO ONE be allowed to fly without a Trump Shot

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